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Bring a little piece of Italy home with you!

Enjoy our delicious and decadent Italian dishes right in your own home! Every item on our pizza or Italian menu are available for takeout. Ask about our 6 packs of beer available for you to take home!


If you're planning a small party or a large event, let our caterers do al the work. Savor in every bite of our full catering menu and delicious Italian dishes.

Get perfect pasta dishes:

- Traditional classics

- Shrimp pasta dishes

- Lasagna

- Parmigiano

Pre-order the best pizza:

- Pan pizzas

- White sauce pizzas

- Margherita

- Speciality pizzas

Our casual and fun restaurant has a large selection of Italian recipes and daily specials to help you save money!

Shrimp pasta Macaroni pasta bowl

Call ahead to place your take-out order!


Slice of pizza

Enjoy fresh and delicious dishes

Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients and homemade pastas in all our meals. From authentic recipes to a new modern flare, we have something to please every palate!

White sauce pizza icon icon Penne pasta